Ruth H.

"I have been taking Complete for a few months now and can honestly say the pain in my knees and hip have completely gone! My muscles are stronger and don’t ache like they did before I started using Complete. Thank you!"

Peter P.

"I'm a hockey player and still play to this day, skating with players that are in their 20s. I started taking the Complete Mineral Formula and noticed an improvement on the ice. I'm going to be 60 soon and I'm not going to stop yet. Thanks Pharm Origins."

Patricia B.

"I purchased Complete in hopes of getting some more energy. Ever since daylight savings ended in the Northeast, as soon as it gets dark so early, I started getting so tired early in the evening. After my first dose, I could feel an increased energy level and if I don't remember to take it, my energy level drops noticeably. Will be ordering more very soon! "

Fran H.

"I started using Complete RX about 5 days ago. I have been amazed and delighted at how quickly the product works to restore energy and relieve joint pain. I had pain in my hip joint for several months and it has cleared up about 90% at this time. I can walk much further without discomfort. I noticed an increase in energy immediately and that continues getting better and better. These products have made a huge difference in my quality of life. Thank you for making them available at such reasonable prices. I am recommending to all my friends."

Jeremy B.

"One month into my Complete liquid, and I'm noticing more and more overall improvements in my daily life. I do my first dose along with my morning wakeup (multivitamin, supplements, etc) and my second dose mid-afternoon/early evening after I'm home from work. I feel more energized throughout the day (I'm down to a single 16oz mug of coffee per day now), yet I don't run into complications once my head hits the pillow."

Michael K.

"Started Complete just shy of two weeks ago. Muscle discomfort has been reduced and am walking much better. I am scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon next week concerning a hip replacement. Maybe the surgery will be postponed as improvements are quite obvious."

Lawrence C.

“Ever since I started taking the Complete, my arthritis has basically disappeared. Even if I forget to take it for a week, it does a great long term job of eliminating the arthritis in my hands.”

Jerry D.

"I could not afford the prescriptions the gastroenterologist gave me that I needed so badly. I started taking the Complete Mineral Complex as a substitute, which is much more affordable, and my gastroenterologist said that I was getting much better, It keeps my colitis and minerals in balance, and I save money too!"

Deep Skin

Deborah H.

"I started using Deep Sea Liquid Infrared on my face, and the lines and wrinkles vanished. You couldn’t pay me to give this stuff up."

Dan K.

"When I looked into liquid infrared, all I was given was the iron clad clinical research, which was astounding in it’s own right. Then I tried it for myself. WOW!! I honestly look ten years younger. It took care of sun spots and now my face is smoother than ever!!"

Brandon J.

"I had excessive acne through high school. My Dad’s friend suggested deep sea liquid infrared. When I tried it, I could actually feel it tingling and killing the bad elements on my face. A few short weeks after, I cannot be happier."

Deep C

Ruth K.
"My friend told me about liquid infrared and a private trial. I was reluctant to try it, but finally gave in. All I can say is I feel dumb for waiting! My numbers have never been lower and I haven’t taken harmful meds in three months."

Rob J.

“This Deep C is the only product I’ve come across that has truly helped my blood pressure. I think it’s a fantastic product.”

Linda F.

"Nothing has worked like this magnesium has. All of my numbers decreased and my doctor even physically shook his head at me in amazement."

Rick B.

"I could not be happier. I was a test subject of liquid infrared and the results were amazing."

Mitra MG

Harvey R.
“I’m seventy years old. I have disc problems in my neck, two knees that have been basketballed away, and I have arthritis. The Mitra MG helps me live with the pain much better and I will be ordering a lot more soon!”

Ben R.

"The mitragyna speciosa plant relieved the chronic pain I've had from surgeries. I was able to cancel my prescriptions!"

James G.

"I started crying when I first took the Mitra MG from how much it relieved the chronic pain I've had for years. It was the first time in a long time I was able to walk outside and enjoy the weather without any pain. We live in a world where pharmaceutical companies claim to do everything they can to help, but all they want is more money in their pocket and don’t care about the true, natural way to health."


Michael H.
"I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Over the past 10 years, I have spent ungodly amounts of money trying to find a solution for my fatigue and sluggish brain. Soon after taking cholecalciferol, I finally found something that works for me! Cholecalciferol has been a near life-saver. "

Diana M.

“The NuCORE has helped me feel so much younger and more energetic. I went to the doctor and he said ‘you must be doing something right, your bones are in great shape.’ I haven’t even finished the first container I ordered and I’ll be ordering six more.”

Fred C.

“I knew I had a heart issue. It all started when I began experiencing tingling in my fingers, arms, toes and legs. My doctor warned me about how my body functions and my heart were slowing. My extremely low levels were leading me to heart disease, even other cardiovascular diseases. I immediately introduced cholecalciferol into my regimen. Now, no more joint pain, tingling in my limbs has cut down extremely, and my levels started to rise almost immediately!”

Phyto D3

Benjamin T.
"After my mother took Marine Phytoplankton for only two and a half weeks, she noticed a significant improvement in both, eyesight and her arthritis pain. Her sugar even dropped!"

Daniel P.

"I exclusively take phytoplankton now. My blood pressure is normal. My cholesterol is normal. This is the real deal... it works like magic. I highly recommend it."

Courtney B.

"I started my dose of marine phytoplankton a few months back, and continued to watch my diet and exercise. Have been sleeping better, feeling better, and looking better."


Frank L.
"My wife was the one who introduced me to Hordenine, so I decided to give it a try with her. In week one, we already started feeling changes! We both lost a few pounds and a great amount of energy without feeling jittery. Now, it’s been a couple months and we are still seeing positive results."

H. W. P.

"I’m in love with this stuff! I started a new weight loss program and Hordenine has given me amazing results. It gives me lasting energy without crashing in the middle of the day."

Martha G.

"I started a walking routine and cleaned up my diet, but I still wasn’t feeling the greatest after several months. I came across Hordenine after I did some research and I wanted to give it a try. And I’m glad I did! I started noticing a difference in two days! I take my dose in the morning, and the energy it gives me lasts all day!"

Nancy A.

"Not only has Hordenine helped with my weight loss, but my mood and energy has improved! I also love that it’s completely natural! My family noticed these changes almost immediately and even they are taking it!"


Randy C.
"I use a lot of your products, and I take the Memtropic right after my lunch break. It gives me a great instant boost of focus and helps me get through the rest of the work day. Thank you!"

Jane F.

"Absolutely love hericium erinaceus! I use it for the cognitive disorders you can get when having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome!"

Hannah G.

"I have an aunt with advanced Alzheimer’s, and soon after taking hericium erinaceus, she has recognized me and has become a little more aware!"


James L.
"I love sharing about Astaxanthin since it’s done so well for me. As I have aged, I had stiffness and pain in my lower back. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t straighten my back completely. Being 75, I thought this pain was here to stay since I was older…until I was introduced to Astaxanthin. Within 2 weeks of taking it, my back pain was fading away and any other joint pain I had did the same! This was a miracle in a bottle for me. Never did I expect something natural to be this potent! My pain was fading away like when I was much younger."

Jonathan A.

"In 6 weeks my wife’s face smoothed out, her hair became thick and shiny, her migraine headaches disappeared, her energy levels increased and her memory became as sharp as a steel trap! I knew she had tried something different because she never forgets our car keys anymore."

Amy M.

"When I saw my husband playing with our grandson in the front yard. I almost fainted on the spot … It was the first time he had been active in almost 6 months, and there he was, laughing as he slugged a tennis ball across the street. His energy levels dramatically increased when he started taking astaxanthin."

Sherry B.

"Astaxanthin is amazing stuff!! I am 62 years old, I have better skin, more stamina, and energy than I did even 10 years ago."

Fusion BLACK

Cynthia D.

"Love the bracelets, they have been remarkable for ridding me of restless leg syndrome!"

Christine L.

"I began suffering from allergies in Sept of 2013 and despite testing, the source of the allergies was unidentifiable. I bought an Elite bracelet in Aug 2014, hoping to lessen the allergic reactions. Instead, after about 3 weeks, I realized that the chronic nerve pain and damage in my legs (that I had suffered from for about 8 years) was hugely improved! Never expected that, but I'll take it for sure! I took the bracelet off one evening (in a fit of fashion vanity) and almost fell on my face! That's when I realized just how much improvement I had already become used to. So I bought another and now wear two bracelets. Now able to rock the stilettos again. And improvement continues. Yay!"

JoAnn C.

"So glad I have found these super great products! The shoe inserts andthe bracelets have been very helpful in a more steady balance and I

do believe, thought it isn't completely gone, the neuropathy pain is 

diminished. Therefore, I am continuing to use them and plan to order


Thank you so much, JoAnn"

Mike M.

"We now have 3 bands in our family and it was hard to believe at first but they work."

Yolanda W.

"This bracelet has helped me and two of my friends greatly. It has given us more energy and has helped with our arthritis. We do not wake up with pain in our joints so we get better sleep. Thank you."

Ken S.

"My arthritis was so bad I could not make a fist! My fingers bent less than half way! Now that's not an issue at all. Also my back and shoulders so bad I would struggle thru a round of golf ! NOW I have played 4 times in a week twice!! It works."

Ladislav B.

"I suffered excruciating pain in my hip joint and knee, by accident I have found fusion band which was laying on my night table all ready for couple years so I put it on just for a hack of it. Two days later I have noticed that there is no pain!!I started thinking what I did different and than I noticed band on my wrist that was it, normally I would not believed because I am very sceptical towards to these thinks but it WORKS at least for me."

Soo L.

"My nephew was born with Down Syndrome. For years he had trouble sleeping at night and always ended up sleeping in a sitting position with his face down on the mattress. He wore a Fusion pro band for the last 3 weeks and amazingly since the day he wore it, he has no problem sleeping and no longer wakes up in the middle of the night to sleep in a sitting position. His parent are beyond happiness because now their child has got the privilege of having a good night sleep and rest without interruptions...."

Renee A.

"I have fibromyalgia and feel exhausted, stressed and out of balance all the time. I tried an expensive version of this about a year ago and it helped but it only lasted about 2 months. This fusion power band is more effective and is lasting much longer. I felt an almost immediate improvement in my day to day life but have even started doing more. I have felt so good I have even helped a few family and friends to start feeling good!"

Debra B.

"I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with an independent holistic health center. After trying out the Fusion Ionz Band I recommended it to my patients for increased energy and mental focus. One of my patient had a household accident which caused injury to her hand and a subsequent amputation of her finger. She has had chronic searing pain in her hand and arm for 3 years. She tried the Band and happily informed me that when she wears it, the pain in her hand completely resolves. What a wonderful effect!!"

Joy F.

“My daughter was not able to sleep for years. I gave her one of your negative ions bands, and she slept all through the night the first night she wore it. It has boosted her mood tremendously and she was overall much brighter in her demeanor. She was laughing and happy, and the world was good again. I don’t know of anything else that works as well as this does. I’m recommending them to our whole neighborhood.”

Lester G.

“My mother was having pain issues and could barely sit up. She complained all the time about her hips and her energy. After I gave her the band, the complaining instantly stopped, and she was actually sitting up in the recreational room. She’s now sitting up for 3 to 4 hours at a time, her energy is better, and it made a big big change. It’s unbelievable. I have no other explanation for how this works but it worked so well, and she’s tickled with how well it has worked. Her mood is a million times better. This falls into the miracle department.”

Thomas M.

"I have been using the Fusion Ionz band for over a year now. Noticed increased energy and less pain from a bad shoulder. Just purchased an EMF Protect for my cell phone and it charges much faster now. My wife and son also now wear Fusion Ionz bands. Great product!!!"

Terrell S.

"I received my Fusion bracelet about a week ago and it has been working pretty good. I have had decreased pain in the side of my leg. Also I am often in a better mood when I wear the bracelet."

Bettye W.

"All I can say is Wow Wow Wow! I first ordered a band to wear 24/7 & noticed the difference right away, with more energy. So then I started on the liquid infrared products which puts the icing on the cake, with more alertness...Life is just better with no pains or aches, sleeping much better, too. The customer service is more than helpful with all my questions. You can't beat these prices for a total transformation of your body functions. We can rise above all the poisons that are thrown at us."

Ruth H.

"I have been wearing my band now for six weeks and I am pleased to say the pain in my knees and hip have gone! I can get in and out iof my car more easily as well. My energy levels have also improved. I also note I am sleeping more soundly than before."

Fusion SPORT

Louis F.

"I attended a "new age" show in NYC in April. At the time I'd been wearing a c-prime bracelet for several years. The gentleman at the Fusion booth demonstrated the ionz bracelet, and there was definitely a big difference. I have more flexibility and range of motion in my shoulder, which I'd injured in a sporting accident. My all-around energy is great. I've since bought a number of the bracelets for friends and family, and recommend it to anyone who'll listen."

Natalia S.

"I bought my bracelet 1 month ago and I have it on every day since, never felt so energized and strong. It's just amazing !"

Parviz O.

"Have been wearing the fusion sports band for the past year and am quite pleased to note that the band has helped stabilize my occasional vertigo."

Adam S.

"I have been wearing the fusion ion bands now for many years and I do not want to be with out them. I started out with a competitors version and found it to be very beneficial at the time, that was until I bought my first ionz bracelet. Immediately after I began wearing it I noticed a noticeable increase in flexibility and balance. Also, I went from being able to ride my motorcycle for only a couple hours straight, to lasting 4 to 5 hours before needing to stop and rest. At the end of a long day of riding, my back was perfect.  

Besides what I've said already, I currently wear four bracelets (2- Elite and 2- Sport, but I have the entire line ) and a pair of the Foot Kur Pads at all times. Being an everyday golfer, since I work full time at a country club, my clubs have gone from having a wear spot the size of a quarter, to the size of a dime now on my new sticks. I fully atribute that to an increase in balance, which I already thought was great to begin with, but even much better now, especially as I have become much more flexible. If your swing is dialed in, you can expect to stay down and through the shot much longer by using these products.  

I have also got my father hooked on the benifits of negative ion technology as well. He has been living his life in pain for quite sometime now. He has had many surgeries on his back, neck, one knee, heart surgery, the whole nine yards. Last year he had one knee operated on, and has been needing surgery on his other knee since. After lending him an extra one of my bracelets from collection of a dozen or so, he began noticing that his pain level through out the day was starting to diminish. Now, after wearing the Foot Pads for almost a month now, the arthritis in his feet and the pain in his knee have almost vanished. There are still a few days here and there, but he said it's a million times better and much more tolerable with the Fusion Ions products. He was definitely a septic before, but not anymore. 

This stuff works! The Fusion brand is definitely the best one out there. Get it, or keep denying yourself the benifits. 

Thanks Fusion, keep on making great products so I can keep buying them."

Bruce N.

"I had been wearing a fusion bracelet for most of a year and this past few weeks, I was having more pain than usual. I got a new stronger bracelet and within a few days my pain was almost gone. I now recover from physical exertion much, much quicker."

Foot KUR

Melody C.

"I love Foot KUR. I have in every one of my shoes. It really works. I feel much better."

Susan K.

"The foot inserts and the cell phone blockers are great! As well as the Topic Minerals for pain relief and the bracelets are great for balancing the body! I love Fusion IONZ products."

Mary O.

"I have purchased the foot kur and the bands as well for myself and I was so pleased with the results I told all my friends at work and got them for them as well. They are great for energizing and for pain as well. 

George D.

“My feet did not throb or ache all day. However, when I went to sleep, my right foot woke me up from a throwing pain. The foot pads have eliminated that problem.”

Kathy A.

“The foot boosts are wonderful. My feet would hurt so bad that I could barely push the brakes on my way home at night. I ordered a pair, and after three days, all my pain was gone. It’s truly a miracle.”

EMF Protect

Susan K.

"I loved the EMF Protect, I lost mine and just re-ordered.  Thank you! I love Fusion IONZ products."

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